(August 14, 2017 , posted in Community)

Sanitary Sewer “Smoke Testing”
Albion Fairgrounds/Sports Complex, August 22, 2017
Town Centre, August 23, 2017

City of Maple Ridge has hired Southwestern Flowtech & Environmental Limited (SFE) to perform “smoke testing” on selected sewers at the Albion Sports Complex/Fairgrounds and in parts of the Town Centre on August 22 and 23, 2017. SFE will deliver additional notices prior to smoke testing to properties located near the sewers being tested.

 During sanitary sewer “smoke testing,” you may see a substance with the appearance of smoke coming from various connections to the sewer system (LiquiSmoke, product information available at

 See maps showing approximate “smoke testing” locations below

 LiquiSmoke should not enter your home or place of business unless you have a lower floor drain connected to the sanitary system or a plumbing fixture that has not been used for some time (see note in bold text below regarding need for standing water in P-traps)

 if LiquiSmoke enters your home or place of business, sewer gases may be entering your building as well, and it is recommended that you contact the smoke testing company (Southwestern Flowtech & Environmental) at 604-856-2220 or a plumber for assistance regarding a possible private property plumbing issue.

 for more information contact the City’s Engineering Department at 604-467-7339
The purpose of the “smoke testing” is to identify points where rainwater may be entering the sanitary sewer system. By working to keep rainwater out of the sanitary sewer system, the City can reduce utility and development costs while minimizing the load on the regional sewer network.

During the brief test procedure, you may see Liquismoke coming from various connections to the sewer system such as rooftop vents, manholes, or parking lot drains (Figure One). The Liquismoke should not enter your home or place of business. If it does, it may be coming from a lower floor drain that is connected to your building’s sewer system. If you have floor drains in the basement or seldom used sinks, bathtubs or showers anywhere in your home or business, it is recommended that you pour four cups of water into the drains to seal off the plumbing P-traps (Figure Two) which, once full of water, work to ensure sewer gases cannot enter into the building.

If you have any questions regarding the testing, please feel free to contact the City’s Engineering Department at 604-467-7339.

*Information provided by Downtown Maple Ridge Association*